Rainbow Sprinkled Free Hugs

Essence Free Hugs + JENsations Rainbow Sprinkles
I can't tell you how much I've missed my polished nails and blogging about it! The eczema on my fingers is not entirely gone, but it looks and feels much better. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous post. ♥
JENsations Rainbow Sprinkles
Today I'm showing you Rainbow Sprinkles, a super gorgeous glitter topper from JENsations. I love it so much, look how cheery and colourful! For this mani I dabbed the glitter only on the tips. The base colour I'm wearing is Free Hugs from Essence; I had to use three coats to get an even surface. Free Hugs has a deeper pink tone in real life.
Essence Free Hugs + JENsations Rainbow Sprinkles (close-up)
You can find Rainbow Sprinkles in Jen's Etsy shop for $8,00 (10 ml).

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Taking a Break + a england Tess D'Urbervilles

a england Tess D'Urbervilles (bottle)
I hoped to post earlier, but at the moment I have a bad case of dyshidrotic eczema on most of my fingers. I can wear nail polish, but using nail polish remover hurts like hell and worsens the eczema. So I have to take a little break from polishing (and thus posting, bluh). Hope to be back soon of course! I have a lot of inspiration and beautiful nail polishes to show you. The last polish I wore was Tess D'Urbervilles, one of a england's Gothic Beauties. I love wearing black and this is black with something extra: beautiful emerald flecks. Absolutely amazing! Love the formula, too. This is two coats plus top coat.
a england Tess D'Urbervilles
The Gothic Beauties are available now on the a england website (£9.00 for 13 ml).

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Vacation Pictures Sicily

It was hard to make a nice selection, but here they are. Enjoy! :)
The Cathedral of Siracusa
The Ear of Dionysius (cave) - Siracusa
Smoky Mount Etna (volcano)
Mount Etna 2 - black wasteland of lava
Mount Etna 3 - what an amazing experience!
Houses, houses, houses... - Modica
The Cathedral of San Giorgio - Modica
A beautiful, tranquil beach near Marzamemi
Greek theatre - Taormina
Doric temple - Segesta
Another Greek theatre - Segesta
Cannoli Siciliani with ricotta - this tasted sooo good ♥
Sunset at Cefalù
Via Vanni, 'our' little street in Cefalù
The Cathedral of Palermo
Oh hai! That's freckled me. ^^ In the reflection of my sunglasses you can see Cefalù.

Someone asked me if I brought new nail polishes home. Well.. since I have a lot of untrieds I made a deal with myself to only hunt for the Hologram Effect polishes from Layla, but sadly no luck finding them. I only spotted a couple of Layla Magneffect displays, but magnetic polishes aren't my thing. So yeah, huge bummer! But it's not like I don't have anything to wear. ;)

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China Glaze For Audrey
Hi lovely reader! I'm back from Sicilia. :D My husband and I had such a great time.. we did a lot, saw a lot (ate a lot ^^) and took a ton of pictures. During my vacation I wore For Audrey from China Glaze on my nails. I couldn't have chosen a better polish, it's an amazing colour and the wear time was really great (I took the above picture after nine (!) days). In the background you can see a folding screen from one of the apartments we rented with Audrey Hepburns face on it. How's that for a coincidence!

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p.s. At the moment I'm sorting through my vacation pictures, let me know if you want to see a selection. :)
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