Essence Studio Nails - 12 Trust Me!

Today I tried something different on my nails. No nail polish, no! Nail stickers, from Essence. I like the idea of nail stickers, fun designs, no drying time: nice. I bought them quite a while ago and finally tried them. The design I used is called 12 Trust Me!.

Well, trust me, they suck! At least on my nails they do. The set contains 14 pieces so you can choose what size fits best on every nail. Sadly my nails are too small for most of the stickers, so I had to cut most of them. It says perfectly styled nails within seconds on the back. Hmm, I don't think so. When I finally got them on my nails I saw some tiny wrinkles and some other imperfections. Although I'm kinda perfectionistic I really wanted to give these stickers a chance. I started photographing my nails and noticed the sides of the stickers were curling up. That's it. Top innovation my *ss. That's not the 5 days lasting Essence promised... (not that I believe such promises in the first place ;) ).

Of course I dó have the result for you! Looks nice, huh? ^_^
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