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I guess you guys have seen this one a gazillion times, this is DV8 from China Glaze. It's one of the polishes from the OMG collection, one of their best collections evah. I say: 'HOLO' (well, actually the correct term is prismatic, but you know wat I mean... ). I think the turquoise colour combines perfectly with the holo rainbows! The next time I will wear it on a sunny day though. 8)

Application was not so nice, but that's my fault. I already applied basecoat and that's a no-no with these kind of polishes (hello bald spots!). After two coats de result was nice and opaque though. I skipped the topcoat, because it can dull the prismatic effect and we wouldn't want that, do we? Polishes like these are great when you're in a hurry, just two thin layers on bare nails and you're ready to go. And it dries very fast! On some nail blogs I read that the OMG polishes chip easily, but my experience with the wear is good, still no chips. :D

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