Ombre Manicure

Last night I couldn't sleep and when I can't sleep my thoughts go everywhere, 'what am I going to wear tomorrow', 'what shall I put on my nails'.. Yeah, big worries, I know. :O 

I decided to make an ombre manicure. That was a big trend like a year ago, I'm thát slow in picking up trends, hehe. I can try to describe how to do it, but showing a picture is waaay easier!
The polishes I used (from thumb to pinkie): China Glaze-For Audrey, Catrice-I Sea You!, Catrice-Sea Of Green, Diamond Cosmetics-Don't Teal My Heart Away and P2-Dangerous.

Although it isn't the most ombre-like mani, I really like the result! It's also very fun to do; looking and testing what polishes would be nice together. If you're slow in picking up trends like me and haven't tried this mani yet, you should! :i

Thanks for watching!
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